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Allenhurst Vacation Rentals on the Jersey Shore

Allenhurst NJ - Allenhurst is not the most well-known vacation destination on the Jersey Shore, but that's because this absolutely beautiful 19th century residential community is just that - residential. If you do find a vacation rental in Allenhurst - jump at it! The houses are fabulous with sloping lawns down to tree- lined streets. The beach is uncrowded. The Main Street has lots of surprises: gourmet bakery, restaurants, and antique shops. The train whistles into the quaint 19th century train station and everyone is in walking distance to home or their vacation rental. The upshot - Newark and New York City commuters can sleep on the train on the way to their home-away-from -home in Allenhurst, NJ. We offer Photos of the Jersey Shore, for vacationers who are not familiar with the Jersey Shore, and for everyone else to enjoy who miss the shore.

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