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9th Annual Ocean Grove Boardwalk Art Show July 30 2011

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Sponsored by the Ocean Grove Chamber of Commerce the 9th Annual Ocean Grove Boardwalk Art Show on Saturday, July 30 from 9-4.

Features 74 artists who will be displaying and selling their work, including: oil and acrylic paintings, pastels, watercolor, mixed media, pottery, sculpture, photographs, jewelry, etchings and paper collage.

Ocean Grove Boardwalk Art Show for 2011

Ocean Grove Boardwalk Art Show 2011

Walk the boards, breathe in the wonderful Ocean air and check out the art -  who knows, you may go home with a new treasure.
While in Ocean Grove, you can hop onto the Saturday trolley and hop off on Main Street and have a relaxing lunch in one of Ocean Grove’s  restaurants and check out the shops downtown to see what’s new. You can then catch the trolly (runs from 9- 6) and take a loop through Historic Ocean Grove, and back to the beach if you wish.
There will be extra parking in the lot behind the Midtown School on Atkins Avenue, just North of Route 33 (Corlies Avenue) and then take the trolley up to the beach. There is no fee for parking, and no fee for the trolley either. This is available on Sat. only.

No car… take the train and then jump on  a little white air-conditioned 16-passenger bus that runs Thursday through Sunday from the Bradley Beach Train Station through Bradley
Beach and then over to Ocean Grove and back to the train staion. You can view a  map and schedule when you click on the link (Shorelink Shuttle)
click here
The cost of this ride is $1.

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July 4th Parade in Ocean Grove – Saturday July 2 2011

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The Best July 4th Parade in America is happening in Ocean Grove NJ.Bring your beach chairs and family. Watch the parade while enjoying the ocean breezes and Victorian architecture with the Ocean as a backdrop

Take the GSP to LBI exit 63

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Growing up in north Jersey, our family vacationed every summer down south on the Jersey shore – Long Beach Island on either Barnegat Light or in Beach Haven.  Five kids in the family, we were packed to the gills for the drive, and certain familiar sites along the road answered the question, “Are we there yet?”  We knew we were half way there when we crossed the Driscoll Bridge over the Raritan River and saw the animated Dutch Boy billboard, smiling Dutch boy with his paint bush swiping back and forth.  The bridge divided north from south Jersey in everyone’s mind, and the Dutch Boy was really welcoming us to the Jersey Shore.

The Long Beach Island Exit is Exit 63 off the GSP.  Be aware that the Garden State Parkway defies the New Jersey turnpike “what exit” reputation for industrial pollution.  Beautifully landscaped, widened over the years, and lushly green in the summertime, it is truly a “park” way.  Another sign that we were getting even closer to beach was the appearance of whiter and whiter sand  along the side of the road and then crossing waterways to Long Beach Island.  This hasn’t changed. The Dutch Boy sign is long gone, but the beautiful drive down to the Jersey shore and LBI is still beautiful.

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Ocean Grove Flea Market Sat June 4th 2011

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Ocean Grove Flea Market

Ocean Grove Flea Market

The Ocean Grove Giant Spring Flea Market scheduled for Sat., June 4 from 9-4 has been an ongoing event for over 30 years. Over 300 vendors offering a huge variety of items plus the location make this a truly unique market. Spend the day in historicOcean Grove – shop, eat, stroll the boardwalk and watch the waves roll in. Come by bus, train or car. We are less than a tankful of gas away. Step back in time, forget your troubles and enjoy a truly marvelous day. Follow the signs to the Great Auditorium and you will find us, rain or shine!

Ocean Grove Chamber of Commerce

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summer season antique fair in ocean grove

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What is the start of the summer season in any given town on the Jersey shore? In Spring Lake, the 5K run is probably the kick-off. Memorial Day weekend and thousands of people putting on their running shoes and heading to the boardwalk – that’s a pretty good indicator that summer has come.

The Ocean Grove Flea Market on Ocean Pathway in Ocean Grove NJ

Ocean Grove Flea Market on June 4th 2011

In Ocean Grove, for many, many years, the start of the summer season was always the Founder’s Day celebration at the base of the Elwood Stokes statue, harkening back to the camp meeting roots. Often sparsely attended, it is no less a meaningful for those who come.  Ocean Grove’s religious heritage is palpable in the design of the community. An auditorium, built in 1894, that has hosted evangelical greats from Billy Sunday to Norman Vincent Peale, towers over Ocean Pathway.

Today, though, some might argue that the Ocean Grove Flea Market is  a major contender for the title. If you measure an event by how many attend – this would be a clear winner. Ocean Pathway is lined with booths of antique and semi-antique stuff. From postcards, to kid’s games, to clothing, books, and household goods. Houses along the Pathway chime in with treasures from their attics jettisoned to the front lawn. It is definitely a major event for all who live in and out of the Grove.  Admittedly, June 4th is a bit beyond Memorial Day, but not by much.

If you have never been – by all means, go!

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Spring Lake Five, Jersey Shore’s Top Run

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Spring Lake hosts Jersey Shore's top running event

Spring Lake Five Run kicks off the summer season on the Jersey shore

Spring Lake’s 5 mile run began quietly enough in 1977 as a local fund raising event that attracted about 500 runners. Imagine a time when  running as a group competitive sport was the newest thing and so-called “road racing” was in its infancy. Jump cut to 2010 and imagine five thousand people running together on the boardwalk and streets of this scenic summer resort from Olympic athletes to locals, including a kids race.

Spring Lake, New Jersey is a jewel of a town on the Jersey shore that is known for a residential beauty, dune oceanfront and non-commercial boardwalk promenade. But enthusiastic resident volunteers have made this community wide event the largest road race in New Jersey and international attraction for runners. In summer 2010, the Spring Lake 5 raised over $20,000. for 5 worthy charities, including the Northern Jersey Shore Wellness Community and the National Arthritis Foundation. Runners World Magazine lists it in the top 100 road races in America.

The high-octane 5 Mile Run kicks off the summer season in Spring Lake. Held over the Memorial Day weekend, the Spring Lake Five takes place on May 28th. For more information, phone 732-449-3544 or email: [email protected]

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Ocean Grove 2011 Beach Information

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Ocean Grove 2011 Beach Season Information including Beach Fees and Beach Schedule


BEACH HOURS - Monday thru Saturday 9:00am to 5:30pm
Sunday 12:30pm to 5:30pm
BEACH SCHEDULE - May 28th to June 12th Weekends Only
June 20th to September 5th Daily
September 10th and 11th Final Weekend

Continue reading

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Ocean City New Jersey Events for 2011 – OCNJ Events 2011

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Ocean City New Jersey is known as
America’s Greatest Family Resort

Ocean City NJ Boardwalk

OCNJ Summer Fun on the Boardwalk

Ocean City NJ also known as OCNJ offers a ton of events and activities during the summer and we posted them here for you:

April 2011 Events in Ocean City, New Jersey

  • April 15th 2011- 17th - Doo Dah Days In The Downtown Ocean City NJ- Tax-Free Shopping – All Weekend Long at Participating Downtown Stores. For more information call 609-398-4662
  • April 16th 2011Doo Dah Parade in OCNJ – Say goodbye to tax season with this comedy parade complete with over 500 basset hounds. 12 noon on Asbury Ave. from 6th St. – 12th St. and then up to the Boardwalk ending at the Music Pier. Pieasco follows parade – mass pie in the face extravaganza! For more information call 609-525-9300.
  • April 24th 2011- Ocean City NJ Easter Fashion Promenade – 1pm, at the Music Pier, Moorlyn Terrace & Boardwalk. Comedressed in your Easter’s best to stroll in our Fashion Promenade and meet the Easter Bunny. Continue reading

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Ocean Grove Calendar of Events for the 2011 Seaon

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Ocean Grove NJ Calendar of Events for the Summer and Off Season of 2011

Ocean Grove NJ

View of Ocean Grove houses from the dunes

There is always something to do in Ocean Grove. We compiled a list from the Ocean Grove Chamber, The Ocean Grove Camp Meeting, and the Historical Society for a one stop view for the Vacation Season of 2011*

February 2011 Events in Ocean Grove

  • 2/ 19/11 – Saturday: Chocolate Lovers’ Weekend Ocean GroveInn-side Open House 11am-4pm, Hunt for Hearts and Winter Walk, 10:00am-4:30pm

March 2011 Events in Ocean Grove

  • 3/31-4/3/11 – Thursday thru Sunday – Annual Garden State Film Festival, Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park. (Asbury Park is right next door to Ocean Grove – walking distance) Continue reading

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Snow Scenes on the Jersey Shore – Winter of 2011

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The Jersey Shore in off-season has a raw beauty. There is something about solitude in a place that has the vibes of crowds. When do you get the place to yourself ? When can you be alone at the ocean? The off-season! I was living like a local, like our website says.

Slide Show of the Jersey Shore in Winter

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