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Owners’ Community FAQ

choosing a subscription plan

What do Upgrades do?

30 photos free

listing multiple properties

a listing guarantee for new members

all about upgrades

purpose of upgrades

What features come with a listing?

How do I know which upgrades to choose?

Can I purchase an upgrade anytime?

How do I get seen on the OurTownRentals homepage carousels?

feature listing

priority placement


Do you have Premium Listing?

how to place a listing

What's the first step to placing a listing?

streamlined listing process

customer support for a free listing build

When does a new listing go live?

If I start to place a listing, can I finish later?

Can I still place a listing if I don't have photos?

Can I advertise more than one unit in my listing?

payment options

forms of payment accepted

mailing address for payment by check

if credit card is being rejected

the cart system

account management

How do I receive emails through the contact owner form?

How do I purchase an upgrade for my online listing?

renewing a listing

lost username/password

not a registered user message

started a new listing by accident

change my password

parts of a listing

How many free photos?

4 extra text boxes

amenities and more

availability calendar

summary seasons

summary rates

detailed rate manager

email archive

editing your listing

Why is the Google map locator pin not accurate?

How can I put a locator pin on my listing's Google Map?

Where is the accessibility icon (man w/cane) for elderly and infirm?

I made an edit, but the changes are not showing online. Why?

Why is the primary description so important?

Where do I change the names of my renting seasons: summer, winter, fall, spring?

How do I get the text boxes with local information next to my map?

Where do I edit my booking seasons, seasonal info with minimum stay?

Should I show or hide my calendar?

editing rates

Where do I edit the rates?

Are my edits automatically saved?

I don't see my rate changes online. Why?

What is the holiday drop down for?

photo uploads

Can I re-order, add captions, and either delete or replace photos?

How easy is it to upload large-size images?

How many photos am I allowed?

technical issues

display or browser problems

scam and fraud prevention

verified owners policy

A vacationer sent me too much money for the rental and wants some sent back. What should I do?

Vacationers FAQ

searching for rentals

Why should vacationers register on the website?

quick search

sort listings by ...

listing menu bar

browse previous and next listings

searching pet friendly

How can I quickly find properties by the number of people they sleep?

How do I know if an owner will rent for less than a week?

verified owner policy

What does "verified owner" mean?

I am nervous sending money to someone I haven't met. What can I do to confirm they are real?

What are the steps to Book Online?

How do I know that these are the lowest prices?

Who answers the toll free number?

How do I see Special Deals?

What form of payment is accepted for a book online vacation?

Where can I read the cancellation policy of a book online rental?

Who manages the online booking resorts?

Is there Vacation Rental Insurance for online booking?