Ocean City’s Doo Dah Parade – April 15th – wild adios to tax season…

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Bassett Hounds, pie fights, celebrity impersonators…

Ocean City, NJ calls itself “the family’s greatest resort.” And it earns the title for itself by offering an eclectic line up of year-round celebrations for almost every conceivable holiday – or invented holiday. A case in point: Ocean City has a parade to celebrate the end of tax season. April 15th. It’s called a “Doo Dah Parade.” According to Wikipedia, a Doo Dah Parade features “absurd and unique participants.”  I think a parade involving 500 basset hounds in parade definitely qualifies.

Ocean City’s Doo Dah Parade is really more than an adios to the tax man, it’s also a kick off to a countdown to the summer season. Ocean City is loads of fun in the summertime, so maybe it’s no wonder that it’s kick-off countdown has seaweed witches, a hobo-marching band, a Jersey girl beauty queen pie-fight contest, Groucho Marx and Laurel and Hardy hi-jinx, doggy sports Olympics of  Basset Hounds with helpful owner-trainers plus the Basset Hound Waddle Parade. And the Grand Marshal is typically a well-known celebrity comedian and TV star:  Joan Rivers, Joe Franklin, Larry Storch, Mickey Rooney, Soupy Sales, Bill Dana, Captain Noah have all done the honor of serving in Ocean City’s most hilarious weekend.

There aren’t many towns that can throw a Doo Dah parade:  Ocean City is one of only three in the country cited in Wikepedia. (The concept was born in Pasadena as an arty, surrealist send-up of the civic idealism and pomposity of the Rose Bowl Parade.)

On Doo Dah parade day, Ocean City wins the title of “the family’s greatest resort” by throwing the most outrageously fun family weekend party on the Jersey Shore.

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