The Journey begins here…

Booking a vacation rental marks the beginning of an adventure but also the end of a journey for traveler and owner alike. The journey starts with desire. For the owner, it is the desire to share their vacation home and to earn additional income from its rental. For the traveler, the desire may be for adventure, romance, recreation, nature, retreat, reunion, sport, exercise, partying, or the solitude of an off-season beach.

Owners: We are blogging about the business of vacation rentals, from making the decision to rent a house or second home, through the preparations, researching local codes, taking photos, marketing, booking and welcoming guests, and keeping good records for the tax man. We invite you to share your knowledge here with others in the owners community.

Travelers: At the start of your vacation planning, explore and contribute to this virtual space of travel information and inspiration. Find a place that meets your desire. Find the resources to help you get there. Live like a local. And share your experience with others here, if you like.